ALL I Am -lyrics


Baby, the Sunrises, each and every dawn
It’s there, cloudy or fair, whether you can see it or not

Baby, the sunshine’s, each and every night
It’s there, though you bear witness to the moonlight

And all I am is what I am, do you see me being out of sight

Baby, the light fires from each and everyone
If you dare, to become aware, turned on is what you’ll become

And All I am is what I am, Are you blindly search’ in for the son

Sun, hot molten light, glowing, iridescent, brilliant

Baby it hurts sometimes, but this is just how it seems
We’re loved, unconditionally thereof, while awake or in our dreams

And ALL I am is what I am, I’m an invisible light beam
And ALL I am is what I am, I’m an invincible light beam


Written by Boris Rene Buhot 2020 All rights reserved

Author: Boris

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