Short Bio – One Eyed Oracle is the resonant expression of singer-songwriter Boris Rene Buhot. A Toronto born, multi-instrumentalist, who plays alternatively driven music to themes of love, and spiritual awareness. After decades backing up bands as the shy introvert on the bass, Boris would break out of his cocoon and jump to center stage to perform his intuitively channelled spiritually attuned music.


Writer, Music-Critic, DJ, Music-Director, and famous syndicated musicologist, Alan Cross, wrote on Global News Canada’s website, calling One Eyed Oracle an undiscovered gem. “Interesting stuff from multi-instrumentalist Boris Buhot of Oshawa. This is from his debut indie record, Really Small Town. There’s something that brings me back to the era between Madchester and Britpop. Perhaps if Iggy or Peter Murphy had sung for Blur…”

Long time Toronto Indie Music Writer The Real Gary 17 says ONE EYED ORACLE “is a formidable tunesmith whose lyrics, like his somewhat heavy-mooded musical delivery, is direct, visceral and resonant. Alternating between the Grunge Folk vibe and what you might call “Stark Rock”, his songs punch through any film of complacency that might be obscuring your vision, presenting boldly and plainly the plight of the modern human.”

Influences The Who, Bowie, Sex Pistols, Generation X, Beatles, Bob Marley, The Clash, XTC, The Ramones, BTO, and Teenage Head to name a few.

“love doesn’t just make the world go round, it holds it together” Boris Buhot

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