Boris will have friends with him tonight but should start a band

TorontoMoonLogo96dpiI’m not exactly sure why Grunge-Pop/Rock songwriter Boris Buhot doesn’t have a permanent band in place to help get his heavy yet catchy tunes out to audiences more often. It’s certainly not because his songs don’t justify it and I think with a group behind him his profile would be much higher.

There’s no denying that the energy and fullness of the sound from his debut United Truce album —for example on the track “All I Am”, which you can stream from the Featured Tracks page under the Music tab on the website— really unveils the full depth of feeling and raw power of his music. He actually, as I told you last year, recorded all the parts himself;  so obviously he’s well aware of the full musical potential of his tunes.

Boris Buhot -17

Boris Buhot -17

As it is, he mostly only performs short sets at open stages and special events such as festivals and multi-artist showcases. He was out at Hirut for Nicola Vaughan’s open stage this past Sunday and while his performance using an acoustic guitar was, as always, impressive, I couldn’t help but think how it would be even more compelling if the songs were heard the way they are on his album.

Even acoustically it’s only rarely Buhot does an actual full-length gig. And when he does it’s normally at a club that’s close to his home in Oshawa, Simcoe Blues & Jazz at 926 Simcoe St. N., where in fact tonight he appears, along with various musical guest pals, starting at 8 p.m.

There’s no cover for tonight’s show and Boris is happy to give out free copies of the album to anyone who wants one, so even if you don’t live in Durham Region it’d be well worth your while to make the trek out there to check this show out.

And if you’re a musician with talent and an instrument with you, offer to play along and maybe you can convince him to start up a group with you in it!

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