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Boris unveiling new tunes as an Oracle at Linsmore tonight | 180206Tu | Shows for Tuesday, February 06, 2018
February 6, 2018

Most of the time when we’ve written about songwriter Boris Buhot it’s been in connection with the delightful but sadly defunct songwriters-in-the-round series he organized and hosted for three years until this past December.

But Buhot, whose style we’ve described as “Grunge Folk” on a few occasions, is a formidable tunesmith whose lyrics, like his somewhat heavy-mooded musical delivery, is direct, visceral and resonant. Alternating between the Grunge Folk vibe and what you might call “Stark Rock”, his songs punch through any film of complacency that might be obscuring your vision, presenting boldly and plainly the plight of the modern human.

You can hear an example from his debut United Truce, album on which he recorded himself playing all the tracks —the song “All I Am” can be streamed from the Featured Tracks page elsewhere on this site.

Since that disc’s release he’s been steadily working on new material and in fact one reason he discontinued his monthly songwriters showcase series was in order to devote more energy to his own compositions and recording them. While that process is far from complete, tonight he promises to give us a glimpse into what’s ahead by sharing new tunes as he performs a set at Linsmore Tavern in east TO.

Buhot, under the curious stage name One Eyed Oracle, is the second of three acts for tonight’s installment of the weekly Indie Night series at Linsmore, a venue which has come a long way from the days when I used to host open stages there over four years ago now.

There’s a new raised stage, the lighting (when staff remembers to put it on and position it correctly) is excellent and the casual room at 1298 Danforth a few steps from Greenwood subway has a frisson from its 90+ year history that gives it a bit of an edgy feel that’s perfect for discovering new acts and should fit Buhot’s dirty, urgent material to a Seattle T.

Buhot’s 9 p.m. middle set follows the 8 p.m. kickoff act George Lazarus and he’ll be followed at 10 by High Tea. There’s no cover and drink prices on Tuesday are truly a bargain at just $5 a pint thanks to sponsorship by Steam Whistle and Mill St. Brewery.

-Gary 17,

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