The Saker posts our video Really Small Town ;)

The Saker is quite frankly one of the go to analyst’s in the Geo-political theater today. His background in the US military intelligence and his knowledge of the complex array of strategical assets, policies, and history enables a serious in-depth blog that has grown leaps and bounds over the past several years, with media interviews and his articles being cross published over some of the most read websites, bar none in the world, many in the intel community not only keep informed through this blog but also contribute to it in guest columns. We owe him our gratitude and thanks for helping to clear the din of propaganda, misinformation, and lies commonly mistook for news in the mass media today, but we now owe him our thanks for posting this video, All hail The Saker and his friends, us included. 🙂

You can find our video and The Saker blog here

Author: Boris

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